This term for DLO we have been doing technology. For technology we have been making wooden projects that can help with some problems we have around the school such as no where to sit at morning tea and play times, No where to store stationary, Not enough games and places to store games, And last of all there was no where to store any food. So what we do is we make stuff to help with those problems.  What my group Care did is we came up with the idea of a food cabinet that can also be used to store other things if the free school lunches stop. With our design we reused tot trays to use and the storage to put the food in.

KieKie (Mana Ako)

Today at Mana Ako we learnt about KieKie and Ta’ovala for Tongan language week. KieKie is for the girls and the Ta’ovala if for both boys and girls. we also learnt that Faka’apa’apa means respect. In my culture we wear necklaces called Pounamu, Pounamu represents maori symbols. pounamu can represent ancestors, connection with the natural world, or attributes such as strength, prosperity, love, and harmony.

Mana ako sports player presentation

Today at mana ako me and Mary had to write a paper about a famous woman’s soccer person. Me and Marty picked Sam Kerr.

We had to research these things.

  1. where was Sam Kerr born
  • East Fremantle

       2. what position does Sam Kerr play?

  • Front

        3. how much money did Sam Kerr make over her career

  • $520,000

4. What is Sam Kerr most famous for

  • international scorer

5. what is Sam Kerr doing now

  • building up women’s soccer

6. what major achievements has Sam Kerr accomplished

  • four WSL titles, three Women’s FA Cup trophies and two Conti Cup titles.